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Total Communication Media

The Total Communication Media Team work with our children and staff to support, celebrate and share our Total Communication approach through the creation of multimedia videos.

We All Went on Safari

Our latest production is based on the book 'We All Went on Safari; A counting journey through Tanzania' by Laurie Krebs and Julia Cairns. You can read more about the project on our whole school blog.

Please Don't Chat to The Bus Driver

We are proud to present our first Total Communication Media production. It is based on the story "Please Don't Chat to the Bus Driver" by Shen Roddie and Jill Newton.


Signalong signs to support the story 'Please Don't Chat to the Bus Driver' featuring animals and key words from the story.


Signalong Christmas

This video was created to support the Early Years and KS1 Christmas performance. Children performed all the Signalong songs live on the day and now and next symbols were displayed throughout the assembly for the different songs.

About the project

The pupils and staff at Rowan Tree Primary School are working to produce a series of short Total Communication multimedia films based on stories, songs, rhymes and everyday situations. 

The project was founded by our digital media specialist, Shirley Dann and our school governor and Signalong tutor, Maxine Waith who works closely with class teachers to develop projects which enable all children to participate throughout the year in ways which make the most of their abilities.

Stories and songs are introduced to children during Signalong sessions involving props, symbols, signs, drama and role play. Creative class projects are planned for different classes and each film is developed from content created by the children such as scenery painting, collage, creating props, animation, recorded drama, narration, dance, music and green screen filming.

Photos and videos to share the 'making of' to showcase the different activities are included as part of each film.

Each film features signs, symbols, text and audio to support the learning of key words in each story. We are also aiming to produce an accompanying video of the key words in Signalong and symbols for use as a teaching resource.