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Staff Wellbeing

At Rowan Tree Primary School, we firmly believe that staff wellbeing is vital for creating a positive and thriving learning environment. Our dedication to the wellbeing of our staff members is rooted in the understanding that their happiness and fulfilment directly impact the quality of education and support they provide to our learners.

Listed below are just some of the ways we promote staff wellbeing here at RTP:


At Rowan Tree Primary School, we have a heartwarming tradition called 'You've Been Mugged' to spread joy and appreciation within our school community. This delightful initiative involves leaving a mug-filled surprise on a staff member's desk to recognize and celebrate their contributions. The mugs are filled with a variety of goodies, ranging from tea and sweet treats to bookmarks and pens. It is an opportunity for the headteacher to personally acknowledge and appreciate the outstanding efforts of a staff member each week.

Weekly Shout Outs

At Rowan Tree Primary School, we believe in celebrating and recognizing the exceptional work and good practice of our staff members. Every Friday morning during our staff briefing, we conduct weekly staff shout outs—a cherished tradition that allows anyone and everyone within our school to express their gratitude and acknowledge specific accomplishments. These shout outs are an opportunity to say "thank you" and shine a spotlight on the dedication, creativity, and positive impact demonstrated by our team.

Wellbeing Committee 

At Rowan Tree Primary School, our dedicated Wellbeing Committee plays a crucial role in promoting and enhancing the overall wellbeing of our school community. Comprised of passionate and committed staff members, the committee meets termly to discuss and explore ways to improve our school's wellbeing initiatives. They collaboratively review existing programs, gather feedback from students, parents, and staff, and brainstorm innovative ideas to foster a positive and supportive environment. Through their collective efforts, the Wellbeing Committee continuously strives to implement new strategies, resources, and initiatives that enhance the wellbeing of our students and staff, ensuring that Rowan Tree Primary School remains a nurturing and thriving educational community.

½ Termly Breakfast Mornings

At Rowan Tree Primary School, we understand the importance of recognizing and appreciating the hard work and dedication of our staff members. As part of our commitment to staff wellbeing, we organize staff breakfast and tea mornings every half term. These special occasions provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment for our staff to come together, unwind, and connect with one another. It is an opportunity for them to share stories, laughter, and experiences, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support among colleagues. These gatherings also serve as a gesture of gratitude, acknowledging the tireless efforts of our staff and providing a moment of respite before the well-deserved break. By organizing these breakfast and tea mornings, we aim to create moments of joy and appreciation, nurturing the wellbeing of our dedicated staff members and fostering a positive and cohesive school community.

Yoga & Relaxation sessions

At Rowan Tree Primary School, we are proud to offer a range of wellbeing activities exclusively tailored to our dedicated staff members. Our school staff can choose to participate in various activities, including yoga, meditation, and relaxation sessions, designed to support their overall wellbeing. These activities are open to all staff members who wish to attend, providing a safe and inclusive space for them to prioritize their physical and mental health. Through these offerings, we aim to create a nurturing environment where our school staff can find moments of relaxation, mindfulness, and self-care, fostering their own wellbeing and creating a positive work-life balance.

Open doors till four!

At Rowan Tree Primary School, we believe in fostering open communication and providing a supportive environment for our staff members. To ensure that their voices are heard and concerns are addressed, we have implemented the 'Open Doors till Four' scheme. Every Monday, senior leadership members of our school maintain an open-door policy, welcoming staff to approach them with any concerns they may have. This initiative extends beyond work-related issues, recognizing that personal matters can also impact overall wellbeing and work performance. By offering this dedicated time and space for staff to share their concerns, we strive to create a culture of trust, support, and collaboration. 'Open Doors till Four' empowers our staff members to seek guidance, express their needs, and work together with the school's leadership to create an inclusive and positive work environment for all.

Wellbeing Tree

The Wellbeing Tree at Rowan Tree Primary School serves as a nourishing symbol of care and support for our staff members. This unique initiative features a tree with pegs holding a variety of snacks. Its purpose is to provide a convenient and accessible way for staff to replenish and enjoy  pick-me-up throughout the day.