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A Specialist Provision School

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Detailed notes regarding the Wigan Council Admissions Policy for special schools is available from the Local Authority. Briefly the following explains the procedures:

A school or nursery may have a concern that a child has additional needs that cannot be best met within a mainstream setting. A request may be made that an Educational Psychologist has input with assessing the child. Once a recommendation is made then the Special Educational Needs & Disability Team at Wigan Council will may request a place at Rowan Tree Primary School. A visit to school can be arranged for parents / carers. All pupils currently attending Rowan Tree Primary School have a Statement of Special  Educational Need or an Education Health Care Plan.   Other schools may also be recommended and parents / carers may visit other schools before indicating their preference.

In year admissions are also managed by the Local Authority.

The Special Educational Needs & Disability Team at Wigan Council can be contacted on 01942 486136 for more information and advice or click here to visit their website.